Mayor Adam NYC Rat Mitigation
December 14, 2022

Mayor Adams 2 – Resident Perspective

As a resident of New York City, you are likely aware of the growing rat problem. Rats can be seen scurrying around in the streets and subways, and they are known to carry diseases that can be harmful to humans.


This week (Nov. 18th 2022) , Mayor Adams signed into law new bills that aim to address the rat population issue. District Rodent Control is aligned with Rat Mitigation Zones, which will work with property owners to eradicate rats from their buildings.


The second bill increases fines for property owners who do not properly maintain their properties and allow rats to thrive.

While these new laws are a step in the right direction, they alone will not be enough to solve the rat problem. Property owners must take responsibility for keeping their buildings clean and free of rats, and residents must be vigilant in reporting any signs of rat activity. With everyone working together, we can make New York City a cleaner and healthier place to live.No one wants to deal with pests, but unfortunately they are a fact of life for many people. Whether you have an infestation of rats or mice in your home or business, it can be difficult to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.


There are many different ways to deal with pests, depending on the type of pest and the severity of the infestation. In some cases you can take care of the problem yourself using home remedies or store-bought products; in other cases you may need to call in a professional exterminator.


Whatever approach you take, it is important to act quickly before the problem gets out of hand. Pests can not only be a nuisance but also a health hazard, so it is important to take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible.No one wants to deal with pests, but unfortunately they are a fact of life for many people. Whether you have an infestation of rats or mice, ants in your kitchen, or spiders in your basement, it can be difficult to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.


The new laws from Mayor Adams are a positive step forward in the fight against rats, but it is ultimately up to all of us to take preventative measures and keep our properties clean. With everyone working together, we can make New York City safer and healthier for everyone. Let’s do our part to build a cleaner, rodent-free city!


Thank you Mayor Adams for taking the initiative to address this growing problem. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of your efforts. Together we can make NYC a rat-free haven!



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Christopher Rodriguez

Field Supervisor

Christopher was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents from Dominican Republic. He earned his Liberal Arts, Associates Degree from Queens Borough Community College. Christopher previously worked in the hospitality and finance industry.

Christopher enjoyed and learned several things from his past experience but realized that he was more of a hands on worker.

Christopher has always been a independent and detailed oriented worker which allows him to excel as a technician at District Rodent Authority.

Ini Akpan

IT / Marketing Manager

Ini Akpan is a Graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and an Associate in Applied Science from Harold Washington College Chicago.

He started as a sales Engineer for future payment Technologies. then proceeded to becoming a software Engineer at Ravature.

Ini is a goal getter, and a critical thinker!.

Blessing Akpan

Office Manager

Blessing was born in Nigeria. She graduated from a prestigious University in Nigeria with a bachelors degree in Biochemistry. Her love to explore different fields endeared her to get a business certification from the Strategic Business School.

She later built a career as a sales executive in the oil and gas industry and worked there for a long time where she rose to become the head of a sales team in one of the known companies in Nigeria.

Her caring personality and experience as a manager allowed her to excel as an office manager at District Rodent Authority.

Andrea Fernández

Front office manager

Andrea Fernández was born and raised in Colombia. She has a degree in International Relations from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla. She has worked in customer service positions in the BPO industry and has joined the pest-control industry at District Rodent Authority.

She has been part of the team for over a year and is passionate about providing the best experience to our customers.

John Agbeyegbe

Field Manager

John was born and raised in Nigeria He studied business at Lagos State University. After graduation, John worked various office jobs performing logistics and management related work.

Although he enjoyed those jobs, he always had a thirst for the type of work where he could be more hands-on and has an opportunity to meet new people. After meeting Clifford, John knew that pest control would be a good fit for him.

John has always been a critical thinker, which allows him to excel at District Rodent Authority. John’s performance has been very impressive and sky is the limit for him.

Clifford Akpan

Owner and Chief Technician

Clifford acquired his business degree in finance from California State University. He worked for many years as a business analyst in the oil industry in Chicago.

Desiring more independence, he dabbled in the vending machine, real estate, and commercial cleaning industries before being introduced to pest control by a friend of his.

Pest control is where Clifford discovered his true calling. He loved the satisfaction of giving customers a peace of mind by solving their pest problems.