Has Your Home Been Invaded?

If so, you probably want the uninvited guests gone five minutes ago. But now you’re faced with a delay as you shop around trying to figure out the best company for the job.

Let Us Make Your Decision Easier

District Rodent Authority is a small team of experts that specialize in treating for mice, rats and cockroaches local to the New York region. We are different from everyone else and this is why:

  • The owner Clifford manages every job to ensure your experience is D.R.A. worthy.
  • We come out for FREE, identify the pest, the severity of the infestation, evaluate the surroundings, answer your questions and present you with a customized strategy.
  • We believe in solving the problem at the root instead of putting our customers on a maintenance plan. Although a maintenance plan is necessary for some problems, most can be permanently solved.
  • We take your health seriously. That's why we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. IPM is widely accepted as the most environmentally friendly, comprehensive and effective approach to pest control. Click here to learn more about IPM.

What Our Customers Say

Michelle F.


I hired them to solve a mouse problem in my apartment. Clifford inspected the apartment and then came back to begin the work. He is extremely pleasant, effective and determined to solve the problem. A very hard working individual who I highly recommend hiring.

Elizabeth M.


EXTREMELY thorough work. We've been dealing with an ongoing mouse infestation for the past 2.5 months and have had 3 different exterminators in and District was by far and away the most thorough and professional! They know what they're talking about and take the time to do good work.

Oriane S.


Clifford was very honest and fair. He told us that our situation was a challenge and it would not be cleared up quickly. He didn't make impossible promises. But after several treatments we are seeing almost no rodents. I highly recommend Clifford and District Rodent Authority and we would definitely hire him again.

Want Your Uninvited Guests Gone?

Call us at (888) 586-1984 to request a no-obligation home visit. Pretty soon, your "guests" will be gone and you can start enjoying your home again!