How It All Began

District Rodent Authority is a small team of experts who specialize in treating for rodent and pest local to the New York region.

The company was founded by expert service technician Clifford Akpan and home improvement specialist Yi Zhao.

While building BioTech Pest Management, a renowned DC-based pest control business, they developed a proprietary method of getting rid of mice and sealing entry points. Safely. Quickly. And Permanently. Which they have perfected over the past decade.

Upon request, they have decided to bring their expertise to New York, where they plan to help millions of people sleep easier at night knowing their homes are rodent free.

Meet Our Team

Clifford Akpan

Owner and Chief Technician

Clifford acquired his business degree in finance from California State University. He worked for many years as a business analyst in the oil industry in Chicago.

Desiring more independence, he dabbled in the vending machine, real estate, and commercial cleaning industries before being introduced to pest control by a friend of his.

Pest control is where Clifford discovered his true calling. He loved the satisfaction of giving customers a peace of mind by solving their pest problems.

John Agbeyegbe

Manager and Service Technician

John was born and raised in Nigeria to hard-working parents from Lagos, Nigeria. He studied business at Lagos State University. After graduation, John worked various office jobs performing logistics and management related work.

Although he enjoyed those jobs, he always had a thirst for the type of work where he could be more hands-on and has an opportunity to meet new people. After meeting Clifford, John knew that pest control would be a good fit for him.

John has always been a critical thinker, which allows him to excel at District Rodent Authority. John’s performance has been very impressive and sky is the limit for him.

Randolph Wilds

Inspection and Service Technician

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Randy has always had an appetite for entrepreneurship. He also loved working with his hands. After graduating from Carver High School, he started working for his dad in the home improvement industry. Being good with his hands, he quickly mastered the ins and outs of the industry and started his home improvement business.

The relationship between Randy and District Rodent Authority started as a part-time gig. He would help out with jobs that required a general contractor. Randy did such a great job that this quickly developed into a full-time role. Now he is using his expertise and experience from another industry to further differentiate District Rodent Authority from our competitors.

Blessing Akpan

Office Manager

Blessing was born and raised in Nigeria. She graduated from Universities in Nigeria, a prestigious university, with a bachelors degree in Biochemistry. Her love to explore different fields endeared her to get a business certification from the Strategic Business School.

She later built a career as a sales executive in the oil and gas industry and worked there for a long time where she rose to become the head of a sales team in one of the known companies in Nigeria.

Her caring personality and experience as a manager allowed her to excel as an office manager at District Rodent Authority.

Our Credentials

NY Pesticide Business License
Commercial Pesticide Applicator License